A4 Perforated Paper

A4 Perforated Paper

Perforated mid-point @ 148.5mm Box 1000: $60.00 Box 2000: $75.50 Special

A4 Invoice and Statement

Perforated @ 90mm from foot Box 1000: $60.00

A4 Multi-Perforated Paper

Perforated x 2 into 3 – 90mm tear-offs. Box 1000: $65.00

A4 BlueA4 Blue

90gsm “Duplicate” on bottom half. Box 1000: $65.00 Box 2000: $103.00 Box 2000 Numbered: $115.00


Category ACategory A

Up to 4 perforation rules in parallel either across or down the page.

Category BCategory B

From 5 to 10 perforation rules in parallel either across or down the page.

Category CCategory C

Up to 4 perforation rules in perpendicular, across & down the page.

Category DCategory D

From 5 to 10 perforation rules in perpendicular across & down the page.


Genesis Supplies specialises in A4 PERFORATED PAPER stationery.

Genesis is a trusted source of affordable, quality perforated paper of all kinds.

We use Supreme Laser / Pre-print paper.

  • Laser & ink jet guaranteed
  • Independently verified (COC) sustainable fibre source
  • ISO 14001 Accredited
  • High White shade
  • ISO 9706 Acid Free & Archival
  • 80, 90 & 100 gsm available

Supreme Laser Pre-print is excellent for high speed digital overprinting and a wide variety of applications – anything from letterheads to brochures, consignment notes, invoices, statements and pricing tickets.

The perforated edge is smooth and clean. When you fold on this perforation line, you’ll be able to tear “along the dotted line” with ease.

You can choose from our perforated paper stock item (see right), common perforated paper layouts or you can design your own perforation scheme and we will print a custom job to your exact specifications.

Minimum order 1000 sheets.

Suitable for receipts, statements, invoices, packing slips, delivery dockets, office copy, customer copy and sales ticketing.

Paper available in any colour and with any number of perforations

For more information about pricing or to obtain a quote CONTACT US.

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