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Genesis Supplies is a Queensland owned and operated print brokerage which enables the Erin Oliverbenefits of bulk buying to be passed onto smaller stationery users. We service all States and Territories.

Genesis has been satisfying the stationery needs of the Real Estate sector for over 20 years.

Recently Genesis has added an expanded range of perforated A4 products to satisfy a need expressed by sectors other than Real Estate.

We are now a leader in supplying specialised perforated paper products in Australia. These products can be viewed at Perforated Paper Solutions

Another sector that has opened up for us is where master franchises that require individual franchisees to use uniform stationery – yet be responsible for their own ordering and payment.

Genesis acts as the ‘preferred’ supplier for their stationery requirements.

Genesis will order in bulk and distribute to the individual operator as required. This guarantees a lower cost price for the individual franchisee – yet maintains corporate consistency across the sector.

If your business has an on-going need for a small quantity of a particular type of generic stationery – then contact us and we can use our bulk buying power to negotiate the best deal for you.

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